Company profile

colibri420Delphi Genetics is a private company located in the Biopark of Gosselies (Charleroi), Belgium. Founded in 2001, Delphi Genetics has a proven track record in genetic engineering and bioproduction. The company provides high quality services from development to production of plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins, and antibodies.

Delphi Genetics facility (1600m2) includes R&D and mono-product GMP suites, GMP suite being exclusively used to provide High quality and GMP grades plasmid manufacturing services. The GMP facility has been designed in order to provide maximum flexibility for the production of milligrams to grams of plasmid DNA, up to 50L fermentation scale.

The company received its GMP authorization from the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) in June 2017, and since then has supplied several batches of plasmid DNA for viral, and non-viral, gene therapy clinical studies.

Delphi Genetics has developed an innovative antibiotic-free technology (Staby®) for bioproduction.

The Staby® technology allows producing proteins and DNA without the use of antibiotics. This is of special importance for large scale protein or DNA productions in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Our technology results in a completely “antibiotic-free“ production platform, complying with latest FDA and EMEA standards. Our patented stabilization technology significantly increases the stability of plasmid DNA in host strains, resulting in overall production yield and reproducibility improvement.

Our patented Staby® technology improves DNA cloning reliability and efficiency, allowing successful cloning of genes and expression of recombinant proteins that had been impossible to clone or express with standard methods.

This technology has been non-exclusively licensed to several big pharmaceutical companies and is available for plasmid DNA production.