Recombinant protein production in E. coli

Escherichia coli (E. coli) genetic has been studied during decades and this organism became an unavoidable key element in laboratories.
The development of genetic engineering and synthetic biology associated to a short term generation and a flexibility to exploit a given genetic information, define E. coli as a host of choice for recombinant protein production.
Based on our know-how in genetic engineering, in fermentation and in protein production, we developed technologies and services in recombinant protein production.

Our technology Staby®Express is an improvement of available technologies that we usually use. It allows the removal of antibiotic resistance gene in agreement with the regulatory agencies recommandations and a reduction of energy bioburden while ensuring a perfect plasmid stabilization.

Our recombinant protein production services are performed with or without our technology and include several adaptation/optimization for your production:

  • Sequence and codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Selection of a promoter
  • Addition of a Tag for protein purification or identification

After the genetic construction of your expression vector, we perform a small expression test in order to optimize the culture and expression condition. We evaluate then the presence of your protein in the soluble or insoluble fraction that will be determining for the purification process.

After the validation of the expression condition we will produce your protein in the scale of your choice and purify it according to a defined protocol.

Proteins can be produced in shake flask or in fermenter (from 5 L to 50 L).
We provide purified protein from mg to several gramme scale.

We can set up a purification process for your protein of interest