Investment in DNA production of GMP quality

Delphi Genetics SA announced today an important step in the implementation of its new strategic orientation, investing in new DNA GMP facilities in its recently built offices located at the BioPark of Charleroi (Gosselies).

Delphi Genetics has announced that it has recently secured financing totalling 3.4 Million EUR for its new developments. The financing consists in a bank investment credit in the amount of 2.5 Million EUR granted in order to finance its building and production facilities and a funding by the Walloon Region in the amount of 0.93 Million EUR, as recoverable loan (“Avance récupérable”), to support the development in the establishment of “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)” facilities. The 2.5 Million EUR investment credit has been extended, pari passu, by three institutions: Sambrinvest and two major banks (BNP PARIBAS Fortis and Belfius).

“This investment represents an important milestone in the development of Delphi Genetics SA and the strategic orientation it has taken. It will allow us to accelerate the development of Delphi Genetics as a key actor in Europe for the bio-production of DNA for human use and will ideally profile the company as a credible partner for companies involved in the development of gene therapies and DNA vaccines. It is also a strong indication of the confidence in our patent protected Staby® technologies for DNA productions” commented François BLONDEL, Chairman of the Board and Managing director. “We expect the GMP production line to be fully operational at the end of this year”, he added.

In concreto, these investments will support the company development in GMP facilities for the production of naked DNA, plasmid DNA and, as a second step, recombinant proteins. These productions will be especially engineered for small/medium scale needs of Bio-Pharmaceutical companies and for phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.

According to industry experts, the global DNA market is growing very fast with a 40+% CAGR. The DNA vaccination market is expected to reach $2.7 Billion by 2019 and the Gene therapy market $3.4 Billion. There are 480+ compounds in pre-clinical and clinical development, with 20% in phase 2 & 3.