Delphi Genetics more than triples its production capacity and receives GMP certification. New Plasmid DNA production capacities now immediately available.

Gosselies, Belgium, March 25th 2020 - Delphi Genetics announces today that it has received the coveted GMP certificate, issued by the AFMPS, covering its brand new state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing suites. « The approval of these additional three suites allows Delphi Genetics to very significantly enhance its production capacities for plasmid DNA manufacturing and further assist the development of gene therapy candidates and DNA-based therapies », commented François Blondel, Chairman of the board of Directors and CEO. « This approval, and the capacity expansion, are a very significant step forward in the growth of Delphi Genetics. They will allow us to significantly reduce lead time and efficiently support both our existing customer base as well as future customers, mostly active in Gene Therapy using viral vectors », he added.

Timewise, this approval actually occurs at an opportune time in the context of the fight against the coronavirus. Various alternatives to treat the current Covid-19 Pandemic involve nucleotide-based approaches that will require the source of GMP Plasmid DNA. Not only are we able to further support the fast-growing Gene Therapy market but we are also ready to immediately support the development of these treatments against the current major health outbreak” further added Cédric Szpirer, Founder and Executive Director.


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