With a core business in plasmid DNA and genetic engineering, Delphi Genetics provides services based on unique technologies. To assist you in your viral, and non-viral, gene therapy programs, our dedicated team of scientists develop customized GMP plasmid DNA manufacturing solutions. Our patented STABY® technology without antibiotic resistance gene is the ideal alternative to standard antibiotic-resistance selection and drives better plasmid DNA stabilization.

Delphi Genetics also supports you with non-GMP recombinant protein productions, using STABY® technology, and antibody development by DNA immunization.

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Expert service provider

Delphi Genetics proposes customized services with complete flexibility and dedicated project management.

  • From Plasmid design to:
    • Plasmid DNA production, R&D, High Quality and GMP grade
    • Protein production, using STABY technology
    • Antibody development by DNA immunization
  • One-stop-shop CDMO service including
    • TSE-BSE free Process development and optimization
    • GMP Cell Banking
    • Plasmid production from mg to g scale, using full disposable material, in certified-GMP suite
    • QC development, validation and GMP testing
    • QP Release
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STABY® Innovative Solution

Benefit of the Staby® technology :

No need to use antibiotics in the production process, therefore meeting regulatory guidelines.

Scalable fermentation process, the stabilization technology is solely based on genetics elements and is directly scalable. The process can easily be transferred from R&D to industrial scale fermentation.

Higher yields of expressed DNA or proteins thanks to perfect plasmid stabilization and limitation of the burden of energy.

Access to the Staby® technology: the technology is available through customized services, strain adaptation & productions, and/or licensing.

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